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Nebraska Harvest Center is the only authorized dealer for the CLAAS LEXION combine in the state of Nebraska and is committed to providing superior products and reliable service to their valued customers. You can count on the technicians in our dealer network to listen to your concerns and provide you with the precise service that you need.

LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned

Have you ever wanted some assurance that the used combine you were about to purchase wasn't filled with mysterious issues that were never mentioned to your dealer at trade-in? Have you ever wondered how well a previous owner maintained their combine? How are the fluids? What components are seeing some wear? Now there's a way to find out for sure.  


CLAAS understands your concerns when it comes to finding a quality used combine. That's why we've developed the LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned program, designed to give you "piece of mind" when you purchase your next used combine. In fact, LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned combines not only go through a rigorous 250 point inspection, they are backed by a 75-hour service agreement and accompanied by a special care package that will make your used combine feel a little bit newer.


Ask us for a FREE Inspection Report and about the benefits of owning a LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned combine, including the LEXION On Your Farm Parts Program.

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Program includes:

  • 75 Hour sysCARE Service Agreement
  • Engine, Hydro, Transmission, Electrical, A/C, Brake system, Steering system
  • 250 point combine inspection (7-8 hours)
  • Engine & Hydraulic oil samples are taken as part of the inspection
  • LEXION Field Ready Reconditioned brochure

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